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Shibuya Tyson Exclusive: Tr3asy Talks About His Journey To Becoming A Producer, Being Apart Of The M

Tr3asy sat down with Shibuya Tyson for an exclusive interview with Dj Kenn, where he talks about his journey to becoming a producer, and not giving up on his goals and dreams.

Tr3asy says he was influenced by his cousin, seeing him grind helped him along the way to promoting his self and pushing his self to higher limits.

During Tr3easy teen years he attended a music program called "Open Mike," a digital program that he says mad a big difference in his life, the same program who also, helped groom Chance The Rapper.

Becoming a producer in the music industry isn't easy, he breaks down the how passion is key. Tr3asy latest produced single is "Bone Appetit" he talks about his studio session with Z Money, Lil Herb and Key Glock.

*Photo By Vernon Vision

Watch Shibuya Tyson Exclusive interview with Tr3asy below by pressing play

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