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Dj Taye rocking with shibuya tyson x chief keef tshirts

shot by btsvisionaries

DJ Taye | Chicago: DJ Manny's Footwork Therapy

DjKenn visited Chicago recently to perform at a Snow Strippers event. The show also featured Evil Giane, the sold out show was amazing.

While in Chicago DjKenn took time out to visit the inner city where he meet Chief Keef and talked about old memories.

You can watch the video below by pressing the play button

Chicago legend Chief keef and DJKenn hooked up for the promotion of the new ShibuyaTyson designed T Shirt. This was something different for Keef as he stepped outside of being a rapper and became a fashion model for a day.

DjKenn took advantage of his time in California, he visited The Glo Shop, talked with Joeyy and grabbed some clothing items. American Dream Ep 8 gives fans a look at Chief Keef's clothing store, you get to see the amazing artwork, including exclusive Glo Gang clothing.

Watch DJKenn new American Dream Ep 8 below by pressing play

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