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DjKenn Update Fans On His Court Case, Chief Keef Says He Wants To Visit Japan Soon!!!!

Dj Kenn recently took a break from music to focus on his personal life, he recently began his American Dream Season on YouTube giving fans an update on his current court case and day to day life.

Kenn's last court appearance went great, he's back uploading videos to his Shibuya Tyson YouTube showing a memorable place to him in Chicago, and uploading his road trip across America.

Keen is currently working on new music working close with friend Chief Keef. Chief Keef took time out during his recording to speak to fans across the globe, telling fans in Japanese that he wants to meet them and visit soon.

Press play below to watch Dj Kenn's "American Dream Season 1 EP 3" below

Dj Kenn Aon Leaves Chicago - American Dream Season1 Ep2

DJ Kenn AON Goes Back To A Memorable Place In Chicago [Before The Fame] - American Dream Season1 Ep1


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