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Waka Flocka Drops 23 Track Tape "Big Homie Flocka"

After nearly 5 years of not dropping any albums or tapes, Waka Flocka is back with "Big Homie Flocka". Since his last full length album"Triple F Life" in 2012, he's taken time off from dropping music, and turned to touring, and if you follow him on social media it seems like he's doing a show every day.

Earlier in May, Flocka even teased "Flockaveli 2":

And while this recent release of "Big Homie Flocka" isn't "Flockaveli 2", it lives up to the classic Waka Flocka we've heard in the past.

While 23 tracks long, not one track misses the hard sound of Flocka. It brings the familiar sounds of the old Flocka, but newer and refined production.

Stream "Big Homie Flocka":

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