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Chief Keef Drops a Two Part Tape - "The Glo Files"

Chief Keef has been dropping a lot of music as of late with "Dedication", and "The W", along with two new Leek tapes. His most recent release, however, a two part tape consisting of "The Glo Files Part 1" & "The Glo Files Part 2" features lots of unreleased Sosa, stemming back to 2013.

"I Got", which is featured on part 2 of the tapes, delivers a nostalgic feel. Sosa's delivery of his vocals bring back an old Sosa vibe comparable to songs like "Go To Jail", "They Know", and even "Macaroni Time".

For any long time Chief Keef fans, these tapes are a must. The nostalgia they bring back is refreshing, and it's great to hear some throw back Sosa.


Stream "The Glo Files" Part 1 & 2:

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