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Rapper King Louie hits Chicago Based label with $50000 Breach Of Contract suit

Grammy-nominated rapper King Louie sued his Chicago-based record label for more than $50,000, for breached of contract.King Louie signed with Lawless, Inc. a deal that included “exclusive artist and co-publishing agreement,” according to the suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

The agreement was signed off for 5 albums within 5 years, giving Lawless chances to sign contacts with other companies to distribute King L's music that he submitted.

The suit claims Louie met all the requirements outlined in the deal, which has allegedly expired.

The suit also alleges that Louie has no record of any distribution agreements, and that Lawless hasn’t provided him with any information about any such agreement.

Lawless allegedly breached the contract by failing to make any royalty payments to Louie, according to the suit, which notes that the label hasn’t provided records of any royalties that were paid or owed to the rapper during their agreement.


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