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King L Drops Two New Singles "Bleed Me," and "Shorty" Featuring D Low

Chicago’s own King Louie is back with a new singles, "Shorty" featuring Chicago native D-Low and “Bleed Me.” Bleed Me is produced by Mike Hurst, the track comes off his upcoming project "March Madness 2"

King L hooked up with DADAcreativeto to direct the video for his song "Shorty," featuring D-Low. King L isn't hiding the fact his looks, money, and swag is going to get your girl attention.

Is your girl a cheater? if she's with King L she's knows he's a somebody. D-Low is taking advantage of his dance moves as he gets close and personal with your girl on "Shorty."

"Bleed me," comes off with a smooth sound, old school hip hop with King L lyrical word play he had fun with this beat. When you mean so much to your city your not just apart of a city, it lives threw you.

Check out King l's latest singles "Bleed Me," and "Shorty" below

King l featuring D-Low below

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