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Versus Talks About His Relationship With Rich Laurel, Starting His Own Rap Label, Traveling America

Versus stopped by AON Studios for a interview, where we caught up with whats going on with the producer, he moved to the United States from Romanian back in 2015. Versus started making beats back in 2011, over time Versus learned to make beats better, once he gain confidence the producer said making beats became easier.

Since moving to Chicago, networking with different people he meet Rich Laurel, a person he gave high praise to during the interview. He said that Richie helped him become better at his craft, and taught him new things in the music business.

Versus started his own label Universus last year, since starting his label he says working with artist isn't as easy as it seems. Versus experience with artist hasn't been great, it's hard to come across a serious artist, that's got the talent and business mindset. Versus is'nt let one bad apple spoil the fun he is currently looking for talent, Versus offers service to his artist that includes beats, public relations, marketing and more.

Versus also, talks about being in the gym, traveling to Atlanta for the first time, He got a chance to visit the famous studio building Street Exc's, visiting other cities for the first time and more.

Watch Shibuya Tyson interview with Versus below

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