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Lougotcash "Make 10"

New York rapper LouGotCash dropped his new visuals for his song "Make 10," he dropped the original video in 2017, which captured the rapper doing a in studio performance, a hallway scene and some clips around New York city.

LouGotCash hooked up with Mathew Dillon Cohen Film's for the remake of "Make 10" video. LouGotCash is all about saving money, make 10, spend 2, save 8, sounds like he's on the right path.

When your focus on bettering yourself in life nothing else matters, success brings unwanted people, LouGotCash says he don't have time for relationships and those who was'nt around when he was grinding for his dream. LouGotCash lyrics was very playful, but yet a journey through his life and becoming LouGotCash.

"silly me yeah i thought you was the right one," "now you broke yeah you shoulda had my damn son," "want me back but you told me you was done," "Let you go guess it wasn't no fun."

Watch LouGotCash New Video to his song "Make 10"

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