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Smooth Kid Dino Speaks On Chicago, His Management Label NCM, (Nu Chi Movement) Networking With JadaK

Smooth Kid Dino interview with Shibuya Tyson brings you the person behind the music, Smooth Kid had a lot to talk about during our interview. Smooth Kid owns his on Crank Cartel label, releasing new music.

Smooth Kid Dino is a Chicago rapper from the south side of Chicago, he gives his opinion on the Chicago music scene, he believes Chicago isn't doing the right things to be a powerful money making market. He doesn’t like the fact that artist are using dead people names in songs, Smooth Kid is a traditional rapper, and feels rappers who diss the dead don’t have the mind set of a grown man.

He speaks on his Management label NCM, (Nu Chi Movement) explains how it works, networking artist with other artist, I'm making lot dreams come true. Smooth Kid says "Everybody in Chicago scared to network because of beef.

Smooth Kid also, explain his view on politics, issues in the inner city, what's next for him in 2018. So far this year Smooth Kid released his video "Prey 4 Me" directed by Lakeshorehy, produced by Tymadeit, the video is out now

Shibuya Tyson interview with Smooth Kid Dino below

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