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Boosie BadAzz Drops "Fuck The Police 10x" After Being Pepper Sprayed

Boosie Badazz is not happy with the police after being kicked out a mall and pepper sprayed for being his self. Video with Boosie and his crew went varial after a security guard told the rapper to leave because he was famous, sprayed multiple times with pepper spray, and followed out the mall. On the video the security guard is seen sprying three men who wasnt causing anybody harm, in another scene the guard is seen being jumped after he hit another man on the ground.

“Pussy bitches, you know that you wrong/You shoot for no reason, you come in our homes, they don’t wanna leave us alone/Pussy bitches, you committin’ these murders/You scared and you nervous, your purpose is murder/You pussy bitches, I hate you with all of my heart/I hate how you look in ’em suits, I hate how you walk in ’em boots.”

Boosie was monivated by the varial video and you can hear the pain in his voice on the track, check out how Boosie really feel about the accident in his new song "Fuck The Police 10x."

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