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Game’s Manager Wack 100 Says Floyd Mayweather Isn’t Calling Shots in Soulja Boy and Chris Brown Figh

Wack 100 says he is in control of the big fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy.

He says Floyd Mayweather is not part of setting up the match, Mike Tyson is the only celebrity that is part of the match. He claim that 50 Cent is just looking for attetion.

“We gonna take the fight to Dubai,” Wack said. “Mike Tyson’s definitely involved. I’ve had conversations through other people with Floyd. 50 Cent’s not needed for the fight. Floyd’s not needed for the fight. If the politics is right, we can talk business. At the end of the day, Floyd and 50 Cent ain’t never gonna control nothing that’s a West Coast situation… The Dubai situation, that’s something I’ve been putting together. I already got paperwork on one of the fighters. Both them dudes, it’s Piru business right now. Unfortunately, Wack 100 is position to do the same thing they can do.”

Check out what was said by wack 100 below

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