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Exclusive Interview with RMB Justize Producer/Rapper

1. How did you get started in the music and entertainment industry?

My mom's a musician as well, she does classical experimental stuff. I used to skate seriously then I picked up a keyboard and it was history, haha. I've been making beats since I was about 12/13.

2. Whats your relationship like with Wiz Khalifa?

Wiz is my big brother man- we got a cool relationship. I'm not around the gang much but its all love when im around. He definitely put me in some game changing positions musically. It's crazy I came up listening to him and could relate, which made me wanna shoot him some material- now we're here.

3. How long have you been producing for Taylor Gang?

I've been making stuff for them since, damn... I was 18/19? I'm 27 now. I always stuck around and shot my joints over until it became official about, 3 years ago.

4. In your opinion, whats makes a good producer?

Super good question. In an essence, you have to be fearlessly creative. I know its easier said than done. But never stick yourself in a box.

5. Tell me about the groups Glitchrealm and Cool Neighbors?

GlitchRealm is a team of NASDAQ hackers from all across the world. Haha...just a collective of producers and artists with a mission to cultivate a new world of sound. Me, Sledgro, Deedotwill, Jacobi, PrivateHr, etc. CoolNeighbors is myself and Black Matt, my bro since Jnco jeans. We been cooking forever. Wait till you hear what we got coming, haha.

6. Any new projects or singles coming out soon with either of the groups?

Me and Matt just finished his "Merch" project not too long ago, go grab that off soundcloud. GlitchRealm-- there's so much going on its ridiculous haha. Everybody is working on their own projects and EP's. 2017.

7. So , what are your thoughts on the current state of the game? old school vs new school argument?

I love the game and how it's taking its own path. I love to pay homage to the oldschool stuff, who doesnt sample? But whole time- the current state of the game is just what's goin on. Whether people like certain artists/sounds or not, you gotta respect the wave that follows em. Proof is in the wave haha.

8. Who do you wanna work with in the future that you haven't worked with yet?

Oh man, i have a huge list. Frank Ocean, Beyonce, George Clinton, Daft Punk, BJORK, crazy list right? Yeah of course there's rappers i want to cook up with. But rap isn't the only genre. However, I gotta get a hook from Usher haha

9. What can the fans be looking for in the near future from you?

Look out for Matt's next project, I got a project coming "Origami".. My brother Otti got a project coming. Look out for Taylor Wave, Flowers and Planes via Tuki Carter. Keep an eye on us 2017.

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