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Lil Herb Speaks On The Chicago Drill Music

Lil Herb stop by and did a live interview with Dj Self and touch a few things including the Chicago rap secen known as Drill Music. The movement out of Chicago was first notice after 16 year old Chief Keef became a superstar.

Chicago rap has seen a lot of promising stars killed before they got a chance to go to the next level. Lil Herb talks about Chicago and the Drill Scene in the video below...

“The term drill means to shoot somebody, to kill somebody,” he said. “If you go on a drill, you going to shoot a gun. That’s what the term ‘drill’ came from. So drill music is violent music, music to go kill somebody to, basically. That was no wave I ever wanted to fall under or through. I was just rapping about my lifestyle, what I was going through. I witnessed death. I’m a product of gun violence. But I don’t promote it. It’s not cool to be a product of that and to be a part of that. I just am what I am. As far as the drill wave, it promote a lot of negativity. But I don’t even think it was intentionally, it was people talking about their life and what they going through, but they weren’t articulating it the right way. If it was put out the right way it would be understood.”

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