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ELFBeatzARP Exclusive Interview

ELFBeatzARP a.ka. F.L.F has been creating a big buzz with all his production in 2016. The young 20 year old has gained notice after his first placement from Famous Dex's a.k.a Dexter song "Robbie Gould". The song was released on Dexter's Laboratory mixtape.

Since Robbie Gould E.L.F has been grinding hard as he continued to bring us dope productions. E.L.F is becoming a house hold name as he build his legacy, milestones become so much easier when your doing the right things. I caught up with ELFBeatzARP to talk about his journey

1. What's up how you doing today?

I'm doing good man, just living life one day at a time

2. How old are you?

I'm 20 years old turning 21 in February

3. How long have you been making beats?

It's been about 4 years now, been cooking since I was a junior in high school

4. What program do you use to make beats?

Always FL 10 haha, this program is truly the breadwinner but I mess with Pro tools too for beat making

5. What inspired you to start making beats?

I remeber listening to the Chief Keef album Finally Rich and all them Drill rappers coming out with these hot ass beats from Chop and Kenn, and shit I was like "damn i'm bout that life and I wanna be making bangers like these niggas

6. Who are some of the artist you produced for?

The first artist I really got something big with was Famous Dex, song called Robbie Gould on Dexter's Laboratory his tape, then from there shit just went off and i got hella jawns that ppl know, then I got a shit ton of tracks with my bro Chxpo in RubberBand Money Gang with Doe Boy and them

7. How hard did you work to reach the level of success you have right now?

Everyday working! Non stop even in school I was getting suspended for being on my laptop making beats and even in suspension i was cooking up, shit was crazy I think about it now I been kind of working less now that I got people knowing I got heat

8. Do you have any in house artist that you always produce for?

My nigga YSMK Greedy man, he MPC Cartel's artist he real dope outta ATL, then Guttaboy Peezy too wit them

9. How good was the first beat you sold for some cash?

Terrible to be honest, I was real bad when I first started but I sold the beat for $70 exclusive to one of my local homies

10. Who are some artist you would like to work with in the feature?

Fredo Santana to be honest, that dude really be making me wanna tweak on everybody and the producers he work wit really be killing the beats so shit that would be dope if I got some on his tapes

11. How much have things in your life has change since you had great placements and working with well known artist?

A lot of people be blowing me up maaaan, i'm hella unsocial so I hate having to be dealing with the people who want free beats and what not but every now and then I get dope people to fuck with me, I got Montana of 300 rockin with me, Trill Sammy and a few names I was surprised by

12. How can producers or fans contact you?

Twitter @ELFBeatzARP or my instagram which is the same, I respond to everybody

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