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Ice Cube Says Glo Gang Reminds Him Of N.W.A., According To Chief Keef’s Mom

Glo Gang got some cool points from ice cube while he meet . The legend said that Chief Keef's Glo Gang remind him of N.W.A during entry into the music industry. Thats got to be a great feeling to hear thise type of words from a legend. Chief Keef had his first impact when his song called "Bang" produced by a Japanese producer name DJ Kenn. went viral. Chief Keef was a 16 year old star he later went on to Sign a 30 million dollar contract with Interscope, like N.W.A did in 1988. The two groups similarities begin with young men who both came from cities pledge with violence during the time of their rise. Both groups brought social issues into the public eye that help bring awareness to the problems. Chief Keef release his first single "I Dont Like" ft Lil Reese Kanye West, and Pusha T. After Sosa's success Chicago is still making a big impact on the music industry.

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