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Whats Next For Facebook

Faceboook has been apart of our daily life since becoming your personal diary book, capturing your favorite moments, connections with family, friends, your information to news, and more.

After a lost of roughly 65 million dollars during a outage on Facebook networks, Zuckerberg changes the company name to Meta. The change also gives Meta/Facebook a new direction into the virtual world.

With the new name Meta the two joint companies are now focusing on the Meaverse which support Non- fungible tokes(NFT).

"This Will Make it easier for people to sell Limted Edition digital objects like NFTs, display them in their digital spaces and even resell them to the next person securely," Facebook Head Of Vishal Shan said.

This is great news also for the Virtual word game Decentraland, which is ran threw Metaverse, Zuckerberg spoke at a conference and said his main focus is Metaverse first.

"Tokenized gaming has really taken off as a trend in the last few weeks and Decentraland is by far the most established of the bunch" Said Mati Greenspan, CEO of Quantum Economics.

When it comes down to whats hot you can be on the looking out for the rise of the Mana coin as this new theme for Facebook comes to life with its Virtual World for your personal avatar.

Go Get you some mana coins and get your Avatar started now!!!!


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