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Vic Mensa's New Alternative album "93 Punx" and Save Money Save Life

Vic Mensa's new EP is a breath of fresh air. With politically charged songs like "Camp America" and polarizing videos such as "3 Years Sober" this is Mensa's most daring body of work to date. Vic has been known to not cater to one genre being featured on Kanye West "wolves" and with releases such as "We Could Be Free" and "Liquor Locker" with Ty Dolla $ign. This EP brings me back to my childhood, hanging on the block with my friends listening to Good Charlotte "The Anthem", "Girls & Boys" and Fall Out Boy's album "From Under The Cork Tree." With a nostalgic sound and collaboration from the likes of Blink 182's Travis Barker and Good Charlotte's Joe Madden this is a solid project. My Favorite songs off the EP are "Numb", "It's a Bad Dream", "I CRY 2"and "I CRY 3."

Vic Mensa has had his hands full, devoting majority of his time to his LLC "Save Money Save Life Foundation." The organization is committed to activism using art and entertainment to foster sustainable change. With anti-bait truck campaigns, giving lessons on how to revive and patch up victims of gun violence, giving opportunities to Chicago youth interested in arts and entertainment. Vic has many testimonies attesting to the work of his organization and has helped save lives of victims to gun violence here in Chicago. Thank you Vic and we are rooting for you!

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