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Based in our very own Chicago, DIY/ electro-pop singer Ivy Hollivana is definitely not one to miss.

It's the fusion of trance, with melodic synth and hardcore addictive beats paired with Hollivana's ethereal vocals that make her electronic sound so unique. You feel as if you're floating, stranded in a galactic universe - but that's not such a bad thing. It's the perfect recipe to create "sensitive pop with the hopes of healing" - something she very much achieves.

Hollivana's lyrics hit hard, coming from the heart. Her latest album named 'Loverdiamond' is a term she coined herself. "A 'Loverdiamond,' to me, forms when you meet someone, when you learn their spirit and their passions and their ups and their downs," Hollivana says. "When you learn about a person in general, a little stone is formed within you and you carry that. With this backstory, Loverdiamond focuses on memory and its importance especially during uncertain times.

Look out for new music from Ivy Hollivana as she continues to make her mark!

You can listen to Ivy Hollivana's music here:


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