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PaulyTrilla “The Drug Tape 2”

PaulyTrilla is back with new a album titled "The Drug Tape 2" with 8 brand new songs after releasing the "Art Of Quarantine," in 2020

All music lovers enjoy hearing a nice beat with creative lyrics, PaulyTrilla is on another level as he blends everyday fun with real world problems, questions , including conspiracies.

PaulyTrilla was inspired to create his latest project "The Drug Tape 2" due to lack of normal activities during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that started in 2019

"I started writing this immediately after Art of Quarantine. I was so fed up with the virus and politics and all the violence around us so that album was really a vent for all that frustration. This album is the exact opposite. The Drug Tape 2 is much more upbeat and vibey, just something to make myself and people feel better (or hopefully forget) about everything that’s happened. It is a continuation of my Drug Tape series that I typically drop every 1-2 years. I look at this album as a return to normal, the focus is on the music and not the chaos we got shoveled last year. "– PaulyTrilla

Listen to PaullyTrilla new album "The Drug Tape 2" below by pressing play


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