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Bladee New Album "The Fool"

Swedish rapper and member of the Sad Boys and Drain Gang collectives, Bladee has dropped his newest and most refined album to date with "The Fool". For those not familiar , these are both rap and artistic collectives that have come out of Sweden in recent years.

Bladee continues his history of having dreamy beats paired with his singing voice to create a futuristic and technological sound on this album. The first track "The Fool Intro" introduces us to this sound in a spectacular sound with many synths playing around on the beat. As with all of the other songs on the album, it feels floaty and dreamy. Bladee's unique way of creating a melody with his voice and the instrumental is also present on many of the songs. In particular, "Let's Ride" features a bubbly trap beat accompanied by Bladee singing over the beat with just melodic sounds and another layer over that featuring his lyrics. Bladee has numerous voices, ranging from aggressive to laid back throughout all of the tracks. Another notable thing about this album and the majority of Bladee's work is the presence and influence of hyperpop, pop, electronic, and house music. His music has always had some sort of electronic influences, with Bladee even going so far as to collaborate with electronic artist Mechatok on previous songs. These influences are more prevalent then ever on this album, specifically "Thee 9 is Up" which features an Electronic beat that sounds like some 90s nightclub house music. As with most of his other work, Bladee sings in a way that really makes his voice float over the beat and make it sound like music from the future.

"The Fool" is a fantastic album for those looking to get into the Sad Boys and Drain Gang movements, as well as those who are longstanding fans. To listen, Click Here.


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