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Shibuya Tyson Interview With Juice Da Savage; Talks About Fredo Santana, Creating "Gooooo,&quot

Shibuya Tyson is being safe during the Corna Virus 19 outbreak, we have decided to keep recording interviews live while in the safety of our own home,

Today we are releasing our new interview with Juice Da Savage , Chicago rapper who owns his own label YSM, who is also apart of Glo Gang, and Savage Squad records.

Juice Da Savage dropped his latest project "Ninoratchi" in 2019 he is dropping a new project titled "Goooo" The Mixtape June 2020.

Juice admits he let his Savage ways slow down his career and says in 2020 he will be out of Chicago hitting the road to meet fans.

"Watch Juice Da Savage interview with Shibuya Tyson below by pressing play"

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