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Shibuya Tyson Presents Chief Keef Making A Beat: Playing The Key

Shibuya Tyson is back with a new installment to our genre "Making A Beat From Scratch" featuring Chief Keef.

Chief Keef surprised the world when he dropped his single "Fanteo" that was self produced, the song became one of the biggest songs of his Chief Keef career.

"Fanteo" was the first song showcasing Keef's talent for producing tracks, Chief Keef took time out to produced a fresh track for Shibuya Tyson live.

Keef is not a rookie at making beats Shibuya Tyson uploaded a clip of Keef with DjKenn for their song "My Squad" where Keef looked at the beat pattern and adjusted it for his flow..

Watch Shibuya Tyson "Making A Beat From Scratch" featuring Chief Keef.below

Chief Keef & DJ Kenn - Making of "Yo' Squad" [2011] [RARE]

Chief Keef - Faneto

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