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Shibuya Tyson Interview With Chicago Producer Kid Wond3r

Shibuya Tyson caught up with Kid Wond3r recently, the Chicago producer sat down and explained his journey, success, and whats next for him in 2019.

Kid Wond3r rose to fame with Chicago superstar rapper Lud Foe, Kid Wonder is the artist in house producer who help the rapper coin his style with Wond3r on the keyboard making tracks.

Kid Wond3r has been putting in work branding his name in the rap industry, being influenced by his cousin from Crucial Conflict, and inspired by Stevie Wonder.

Kid Wond3r breaks down how being a producer is process that doesn't stop, his favorite programs, being in shot outs with Lud Foe and more.

Watch Shibuya Tyson new interview with Lud Foe now by pressing play

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