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Shibuya Tyson Interview With Boss Money Arab "Say's He help Create 50%Of Soulja Boy First A

Shibuya Tyson linked up with Boss Money Arab for an exclusive interview, where he broke down his role with helping Soulja Boy and helping build S.O.D.M.G.

The interview gives the fans a look into the begginig of how him and Soulja Boy changed the music game, classic clothing line BAPE, how his influence help make a hot song about BAPE back in 2007.

Boss Money Arab journey road began at a young age where he became a superstar who risked having a normal teen life for his dream of.


Arab says he doesn't regret anything about his music career, he also speaks on why he decided to do his own business deals and separating from Soulja Boy S.O.D.M.G.

Shibuya Tyson ask Arab whats his plans for 2019 as he continue to build his brand, network, and help set up his music artist on his record label "Boss Money."

Watch Shibuya Tyson interview below by pressing play

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