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Shibuya tyson exclusive Chief keef x swag - NWA freestyle

AON Studios will be dropping new content to end the year featuring Chief Keef road to success. AON Studios first release song will be Chief Keef rapping at 12 years old, featuring Swagg9mill.

Chief Keef arrived at AON Studios around 1pm after leaving school to record to the instrumental which was made with a sample of classic song "Straight Outta Compton " by N.W.A.

We all know 50 Cent is one of Chief Keef idols so this track is the reason why AON Studios decided to release this song first, 50 cent released track "Straight Outta South Side" inspired by this freestyle.

The young MC was so excited to get in the studio he asked Kenn to cancel a scheduled recording session to record his fresh written lyrics. During the recording Keef said a ironic line, as other rappers praise him as one rapper to change the sound of music.

During Chief Keef's verse he talks about his current life decisions representing the street gang "BD" at a very young age. The content in Keef's earlier music showed how a young boy was living life fast, with a mind set of young adult on the streets.

Chief Keef always felt he was a superstar and calls his self a young god with super powers a super hero stating "All eyes on me watch tv," "I'm a captain america you niggas need me." shouting out his best friend T. Roy in the song.

throwback more than 10 years ago.

recorded at Aon studios

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