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AON Studios To Release Vintage Footage Of Chif Keef's Road To Glory, First Recorded Songs, U.F O

Shibuya Tyson is annocing some exciting news for those fans who love the classic drill music scene. AON Studios will be releasing music from Chief Keef when he was 12 years old, including songs from "U.F Overload," vintage footage of GBE and 300 in the studio.

AON Studios CEO is DJ Kenn, a Japanesse male who moved to America to chase his dreams of becoming a icon in the music business.

DJ Kenn achieve his goal in just over 5 years, along with one of the most successful rappers of this generation Chief Keef. The two started making music back when Keef was a preteen, living life fast on the south side of Chicago.

Chief Keef released recorded hundres of songs, unreleased mixtapes, all in the hands of AON DJ Kenn. Fans have always voiced their opinions on hearing snippets all over the internet, with UV Reloaded" among the top request of music wanted.

Go follow Shibuya Tyson on all social media sites, once this picture reaches 500 likes we will began to release new content of Chief Keef, GBE and 300 as they travel up the glory road to success.

Video Of Studio Sessions Coming Soon

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