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Benji Glo x "IT IS WHAT IT IS" (Prod by. Kid Wond3R)

Back from a short hiatus, Benji Glo is back at it with a new release for his single "It is What It Is" off the "No Sight No Fear 2" Mixtape"

This track starts off by delivering fast high hats to the intro adding transition onto the piano melody, giving Benji Glo the build up for the drop of the hook , where he gives an emotional perspective towards the severity of the lifestyle he lives.

Benji Glo goes on by giving the general stance that "IT IS WHAT IT IS" refers towards him not having control over what happens in life at any moment.

Going Into the verse you can deeply hear the pain Benji Glo has endured from losing his closest friends due to violence in the streets and intake on drugs.

It's evident former Glo Gang Members Capo and Fredo Santana give a huge inspiration towards this song, as Benji Glo does good by raising his voice about feeling the pain he has to face everyday just to stay alive in Chicago from getting shot or overdosing from drugs due to trauma.

Listen to the full single "IT IS WHAT IT IS" on SoundCloud

Click on Link below:

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