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Shibuya Tyson In Studio Footage With LeekeLeek: R.I.P Young Legend

Shibuya Tyson caught up with LeekeLeek during the summer of 2018 to catch up on his current goals, ventures, and to talk about his legendary career.

LeekeLeek is a Chicago producer who started his career after building a relationship with Chief Keef in the early 2010's that landed him a record that would change his life.

Chief Keef became a celebrity so fast, it was almost like over night after releasing singles such as "Bang," "I Don't Like," "Sosa," put Keef on the highest level of success in such a fast pace.

Chief Keef would go on to sign to Interscope Records, shorty after releasing his first album "Finally Rich," with song "Ballin," produced by LeekeLeek.

LeekeLeek went on to drop over 10 mixtapes, he became a pioneer of the bopping music scene originating from the west side of Chicago.

LeekeLeek was known for his ability to make beats for some of the most popular artist in Chicago, he also was an rap artist, creating one of the hottest use slang slogans by rappers when referring to their life style "Never Get Boring."

LeekeLeek died this year after being hit by a train, here at Shibuya Tyson LeekeLeek memorie lives on as we show respect to our close friend and collage LeekeLeek Rest In Peace.

Watch LeekeLeek with Shibuya Tyson in studio footage below by pressing play

LeekeLeek Talks About How He Meet Chief Keef

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