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Lil Peep Drops Music Video For "Runaway" The Last Single Leading Up To His Anticipated Alb

It's about to be exactly a year since we lost Lil Peep, an emerging emo rap artist that tragically passed away due to an overdose off Xanax.

Today on his 22nd birthday, Lil Peep drops "Runaway" a music video in collaboration between his mom Liza and Director Steven Martens, where their mission was to personify Lil Peeps story telling of when he ran away from home to go stay in LA, where he later found out everybody there's fake , but finally settled down finding peace in London .

This video is full of answers and it instills a feeling that he's still around and dropping music as usual.

Beyond that , the world got to hear Lil Peeps rage and sad depiction of life, in which raised light and voice to the voiceless, those all over the world going through the same emotions.

"Runaway" off 'Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2' out now:

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