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Skengdo x AM ft. Chief Keef - Pitbulls [Official Video] Directed by J.R. Saint

Produced: Pnoonz & JB104 VIDEO Directed by @jrsaintfilms

AM Drop top head shot when your roof down A mally with the Bally got a new sound That's a tre pound And now your thinking that you should have never came out 12 guage dot dot chat shit get shot This spot got hot gotta change house Catting for a hot wok or a steak house And if my nigga don't eat I'ma spray rounds And if my nigga got beef then it's my war How many niggas in your set would you die for? And if your nigga got shot would you shoot back You got a gun but you dunno how to use that And you don't wanna see 22 with the semi The clip too packed tupac mackavelli That's that macaroni Bro was sippin on yack tryna yak a rolly Mind how you talk on the phone Ma 2 pit bulls walk around on their own It's best that you leave me alone My bro got his watch from Sierra Leone Chief Keef You got a trap but don’t know how to get it jumping You in a fast car but don’t know how to push it I’m in a fast car getting T like I’m Pusha You say you’re a killer but now we gotta push it 2 30s under the T like I’m Booker. Slide on you late night like a hooker Send my young boys to smoke you like a hooker They gon think that he a chef when he cook you Pick a chopstick up and chop you like a butcher Take the magazine I’m a plug it like it’s hook though You be shooting in the air like yo she look dope Let it go till there ain’t no more like man she book though Skengdo They're like Skeng you better calm down You're gonna end up locked or rotting in the ground But you know I can’t stop gotta make the pounds Old skl out the window wouldn’t make a sound Hella man chatty yeah they're bitches The bitch is telling me I should do kisses She mything only the cash I be lipsing The big ting she shoves in it her mouth she ain’t thinking Their man there fear the kitchen but that’s cool cah the corn game is different You don’t wanna see my dargs when they risen You don’t wanna see my dargs when they risen AM Give me one chance Give me one chance Shouts drake but I don't need 1 dance Need a big red bone what the bumbaclart Home time if she can't hold fire arms I don't fuck with a bitch if that. Itch is lame The only reason she about cah she giving brain If she a 10 out of 10 then I'm running game And I attempt to catch an M it's in my fucking name I was up suh billing up billin up grub I'm a shotta living up in the gutter With a Rasta spinner up helicopter Den I fucked up hit and run I got sucked up

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