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Shibuya Tyson Exclusive Interview With New Jersey Producer ElfOnTheBeat, Talks New Jersey Music Sce

Shibuya Tyson exclusive interview with the producer ElfOnTheBeat is out now, the young producer has been producing music for some of the hottest artist right now.

His credits speak vaule on how hard work payes off, the list consist of Lil Peep, Famous Dex, Trippie Redd, Lite Fortunato, and more.

We Got a chance to see how was his journey of making beats helped him into becoming the producer he is today,

Elf says that he was influenced by Chicago drill music, but says making music in New Jersey is becoming a big thing, seeing Fatty Wap make it gave inspiration to everybody.

Listening to DjKenn, Young Chop and Paris Beuller. Elf also, gives his advice on producers who are trying to make a living of music, you must believe in yourself.

Watch Shibuya Tyson full interview with New Jersey producer ElfOnTheBeat below

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