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Shibuya Tyson Interview With MBE Out Now!!! New Music Coming Soon!!!!

Shibuya Tyson presents the MBE (Millard Boys Ent) interview, where the group talks about the bopping movement in Chicago, how they formed their group, and changed their life.

MBE first started 4 years ago, dropping their most popular song "Have A Party" with over a million views on Youtube. They have since transitioned from bopping music to a more mature and evolved sound. Their most recent tapes, "3 The Hard Way", and "1300 Degrees" bring a new sound, with lots of production from @StroGod.

MBE is now gearing up to drop new music and continue to keep their fans happy. During the interview with MBE, Shibuya Tyson got an exclusive freestyle with MBE.

Watch Shibuya Tyson intervew with MBE below by pressing play

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