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AZae Production Announces New Video With Detriot Rapper ATM Krown, Video Coming Soon!!!!!

Azae Productions took to Instagram to announce he has a new video dropping with ATM Krown, a artist who he enjoys listening to.

ATM Krown is a Detroit artist, who has been dropping a lot of music videos that's going crazy, most of his videos was filimed by video director Kfree313 Production.

Azae previewed a video the two will be dropping soon, no titled, but he did caption that ATM Krown is his favorite white rapper at the moment.

ATM Krown has the lyrical skills to take his career to the next level, his songs has concepts, with great balance throughout the song, no dull moment, with that Detroit sound everyone loves.

With the co-sign of Azae, ATM Krown will be introduced to new listeners, new opportunities, and more. Watch ATM Krown latest videos in the links below to catch up on his road to the top.

Preview ATM Krown upcoming video by Azae Production below by pressing play

ATM Krown - Something In The Air

ATM Krown - Big Mags

ATM Krown - Roll In Peace

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