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Shibuya Tyson Exclusive Interview With Chicago Video Director Hell Reil, He Talks About His Journey

Chicago video director Hell Reil is having a amazing year, he stop by AON Studios for an exclusive interview to catch up on what he has plan for 2018.

Hell Reil grew up on on the south side of Chicago, growing up he realize he wasn't good at rap and decided to be a video director.

During Reil's four years of pursuing his goals he talks about meeting mentors who help him along the way, who offered him great knowledge on filming and the industry.

Hell Reil also, talks about becoming a well known video director since starting off his career in 2014, and how he started filming videos for Gucci Manes's artist Lil Wop.

Watch Hell Reil exclusive interview with Shibuya Tyson by pressing play

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