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Shibuya Tyson x Don Of Don Cash Over Clout "Lost Chicago" Interview

Shibuya Tyson is back with another Don of Cash Over Clout interview where we talks about his project "Lost Chicago," and how the project was a reflection of his life growing up..

Growing up in Chicago Don explains how the crack error effected his life and some many friends he meet growing up across the city..

He touches on how Chicago gun violence was always bad since the early 1900's, but thinks the police is the biggest gang in Chicago right now.

Living in the inner city was all the most motivation Don needed to push him to the next level in life. This is one of Shibuya Tyson deepest interviews into how issues that effect the inner city leads some teens force to turn to the streets.

Watch Don of Cash Over Clout new Shibuya Tyson interview below

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