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Hittz "Die A Legend" Project Out Now!!!!

Chicago rapper Hittz started off as a young boy growing up on the south side of Chicago, living the wrong lifesyle but able to strive for change, and became part of the most influence moments in Chicago music history, Co- CEO of League Boii,

Hitzz brings us soundtrack to his life with "Die A Legend," where he give out advice, a look into his life, his joy and pain. The project has 16 trakcs, with feaatures from Young Thug, Eli Hendrick, Edai, June Jungle, and more.

Hittz is a very lyrical guy that can go outside of just gangster rap, he reached out to 808Mafia, Dj L, Chasebag Beats, Southside and more for production to give "Die A Legend" a variety of sound and dept. The project is not your new age track list with just 4 to 8 songs, Hittz doubles that with 16 songs to vibe to.

Listen to Hittz "Die A Legend" below by pressing play

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