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Shibuya Tyson Exclusive Freestyle Featuring Dawg Family Mafia

Shibuya Tyson is back with some exclusive footage with Japans's Dawg Mafia Family, (DMF) as they show off their talent freestyleing. DMF took the Shibuya Tyson freestyle to a new level, they created music with pure sounds and put on a freestyle show.

Just in cased you missed out on the exclusive interview with Japan's Dawg Mafia Family don't worry, we have more with DMF below their Shibuya Tyson freestyle


DMF (A thug, Knzz, J scheme) - StreetのMobはSocial Mediaには出てこない。

DMF (A thug, Knzz, J scheme) 日本のヒップホップミュージックの現在

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