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Versus Talks About Being Infatuated By Drill Music, Moving to America To Produce Drill Music, "

Chicago producer Versus has made his self well known from his hard work and determination, he moved to America in 2015, from his home town of Romania to chase his dreams of being a Chicago music producer. Versus says coming to Chicago is one of the greatest experience he's ever felt so far in life, being from a different country he perceive America as a whole different world.

The young producer started listening to Chicago music when he turned 18 years old back in 2012. As Chief Keef rose to fame his lyrics and lifestyle became the talk of the internet, a 15 year old boy rapping about gun violence, along, with a group of other teens holding guns and smoking blunts filled with they called dead opps. The Chicago music scene would soon become world wide entertainment after Chief Keef signed a major record deal with Interscope Records.e.

Since moving to America Versus says he doesn't regret his decision to move to Chicago, he expresses that he's willing to risk his life to handle business. Versus has been in Chicago for over two years, he also, admits he's dealt with some very dangerous situations causing his life to be in danger, he talks about meeting new artist, working on new music with the artist and later finding out during the week that they was hurt or killed due to gang violence.

Versus has done a lot in his career moving to Chicago he has been able to networking with different people, meeting Rich Laurel, a person who has a big influence on the music industry. Versus spoke highly of the producer Richie, he helped him become better at his craft, and taught him new things in the music business that he would have never known.

Versus has started his own label "Universus" last year, starting a label doesn't mean you will be working with all artist, claiming it isn't as easy as it seems. Versus experience with artist hasn't been great it's hard to come across a serious artist, finding someone with talent and a business mindset is rare in. Versus is currently looking for talent, Versus offers service to his artist that includes beats, public relations, marketing and more.

Go Watch Versus interview with Shibuya Tyson by pressing the play button below

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