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TK The Producer Talks About Producing For PBG, FBG Duck, The Chicago Music Scene And More

Shibuya Tyson sat down with TK The Producer and Chopp House where they both talked about how life was growing up, and how they started working together. Chicago's TK The Producer started producing beats and threw his uncle he was able to build a relationship with Chicago's north side rap group PBG.

Chopp House is a producer from North Dakota, who just moved to Chicago March of 2018, who's been producing beats since he turn 17, and started his own label Chopp House Records. The two producers now have a studio in Chicago and are currently working on music.

During the interview TK The Producer gives FBG Duck a shout out for his big accomplishments with his hit single "Slide," that landed him a deal with Sony. TK produced track "No Half Court Shootaz Pt 2," by PBG Trap featuring FBG Duck.

TK The Producer also, speaks on working on all genre of music, talks about his top five producers in the industry right now, his feeling on the Chicago music scene and more.

Watch Shibuya Tyson interview with TK The Producer and Chopp House below by pressing play

PBG Trap Ft. FBG Duck- No Half Court Shootaz Pt. 2

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