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Versus Talks About How Producers Can Work Smarter, Working With Dj Mil-Ticket, Rico Recklezz, and Wo

Chicago producer Versus talks about having your paper work to get paid in the industry, he discusses a situation were he didn't get do the proper steps when networking. This interview gets into details about the bad side of working in the music industry, Versus says depending on who your working with depends on how good business will be. Versus gives us example of when French Montana like a song by Young Chops brother, Chicago artist Johnny May Cash, and how he used the song without permission.

I ask him why do he think people steal music, Versus says it's so much money to be mad people will risk it all for a piece of the pie, cause its only a few people that really are getting money in the industry. Versus talks about how he meet Dj Mil-Ticket, how he impacted his career, doing different contest with upcoming artist. Versus is busy with music in his spare time he's learning how to work with the new technology with the VR Headset. The VR headset is something he says we should be looking out for in the upcoming years.

Versus speaks on artist he see making a rise this year out of Chicago, the producer has a very close relationship with Chicago artist with Rico Recklezz. The two have been working on music together for some time, Versus feels Recklezz viral video helped him more than hurt him, because he knows how to use the internet as a marketing tool. Versus works with PR and says what kind of image you put out you will have to prove it at some point.

Watch Versus full interview with Shibuya Tyson below

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