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Lil Dicky Featuring Chris Brown "Freaky Friday"

Lil Dicky hooks up with Chris Brown for one of my favorite videos of the year so far, for their song "Freaky Friday." Lil Dicky hooked up with Producers Libby de Leon, Julia Bales, Natalie Metzger, Nic Stanich and Sue Yeon Ahn for a perfect written script to bring the song to life.

Freaky Friday song concept finds Lil Dicky switching bodies with Chris Brown, as the two talk about how it feels to be each other in the song. Lil Dicky was very excited to be Chris Brown, happy to be able to sing, dance, large private, which turn Friday into a freaky Friday.

The video is amazing, a Asian guy in a Chinese restaurant magically put the two artist in each others body after they wished to be someone else for a day. During the video Lil Dicky use the N word referring that he never knew what it felt like to say it openly in public, being Chris Brown made a lot of people happy as he talked to fans, threw money and lived out his wish. Lil Dicky also, becomes Dj Khaled, Ed Sheeran, and Kendall Jenner.

Lil Dicky is known for his comedy and ends the song as a woman, still keeping it freaky friday as he explores Kendall Jenner body. "I'm Kendall Jenner! I've got a vagina! I'm going to explore that right now," she sings. "I'm gonna understand the inner workings of a woman!"

Watch Lil Dicky's new video featuring Chris Brown "Freaky Friday" below

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