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Bo Deal's “Good Side, Bad Side 2” Mixtape Out Now!!!

Chicago, Brick Squad Monopoly rapper Bo Deal drops his new mixtape "Good Side Bad Side 2," hosted by Trap-A-Holics, with 15 new songs. The mixtape includes features some of the hottest Chicago rappers, with production from ChaseNDough, YK 808 Mafia, London On The Track, and more.

The Chicago OG is still going strong, the 15 song project is full of gangster music, he address new age gangsters on song "In To Dat," produced by ChaseNDough. One thing the general suggest is to never front your move on the internet. The internet change how the streets work, Bo tells you how he was raised and how he moving around in 2018 and beyond.

Growing up in the inner city of Chicago, Bo Deal has experience the hardship of living without enough money, struggling to make ends meet. The song"Make It Out," gives a feeling of inspiration to those who are chasing their goals, moving out of poverty and crime stricken neighborhoods. The MC remembers robbing people, playing games with his life, now that he's a business man he uses his voice for hope.

Bo Deal showed off his versatile skills staying true to his style, "Good Side Bad Side 2," is a project to check out for those who love lyrics, trap music, music that tells stories of a street gangster.

Listen to Bo Deal's "Good Side Bad Side 2," below

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