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Chief Keefs "The Leek 4" Mixtape Out Now!!!

Chief Keef drops a vintage mixtape "The Leak 4," for fans, the rapper took to social media to give previews of the songs in the past, a few years back Keef said his computer crashed and all his old songs was lost. This project is different from any other mixtape Chief Keef has dropped, during the climax of his entrance into the music business he never releases fans favorite songs.

Today, we get to hear some of the songs fans begged for, the Leak 4" has 15 vintage songs including "Wake Up" produced by DjKenn, the producer who Keef started his career with. The songs was recorded back in 2013, and 2014. Songs like "So Cold,"and "Sosa Pain," he uses heavy auto-tune.

Over time Instagram has become one of the most popular social media web sites, his song "Instagram," can become a isn't favorite due to the fact that nothing has change since he recorded the song.No matter what era you first heard Chief keef Sosa he got something you can vibe too.

Listen to Chief Keef's "The Leak 4" below

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