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Graffiti Artists Awarded $6.7 Million for Destroyed 5Pointz Murals

New York recording studio 5Pointz, a warehouse in Queens, New York, that became a "graffiti mecca" for street artists from around the world, is no longer standing. In 2013, the property's owner destroyed the graffiti to create luxury condos. The judge has ruled that the landlord must pay the 21 artists $6.7 million.

Hip Hop is one of the must influential art form in current time, for many Graffiti lovers who were involved in the art its a bitter sweet victory. A jury determined that Wolkoff violated the federal Visual Artists Rights Act and Copyright Law, which states that artwork of “recognized nature” cannot be modified, demolished, or destroyed without the artists’ permission..

Read the full story by going to >> 5Pointz

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