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Matti Baybee "By My Lonely" Freestyle

Mattie Baybee is back with new visuals for his song "By My Lonely" Freestyle with a

cameo from Chicago rapper Lil Mouse. The rapper continues to go hard with his craft, pushing the limit on every track. Mattie lyrics can be felt as he gives his true feelings about life and whats going on around him

Matte raps "She like all my music, she like Mula can you sing to me, told her I'm not no singer, Im a rapper bitch don't play with me," Mattie aggression is felt throughout the song, his style of rap on the track is punch line after punch line.

One thing that's for certain from "By My Lonely" freestyle is that rap isn't make believe for him, watch Mattie Baybee's new video below.

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