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JusGlo Talks About Chief Keef Giving Him His Name, Dropping New Projects, Good Friends With 21 Savag

Glo Gang Jusglo stopped by AON Studios to discuss whats next for him for 2018, JusGlo is Chief Keef's cousin, and uncle to the late Fredo Santana. The interview was filmed before the untimely death of his uncle Fredo Santana, he says he's very close to both his family members.

Jus Glo arrived to the studio ready to get in the mood for the interview, he passed his friend a pack of backwoods to roll, while he talked to producer Dj Kenn about working on new projects. JusGlo was interested in beats, eager to hit the booth for a new track.

During the interview we talked about his thoughts of the rise of Chief Keef in 2011-2012, JusGlo says rapping is something that Keef wanted to do since they were children, Chief Keef was more serious than I was. Keef made things happen while JusGlo was still on the corner, JusGlo says his cousin Chief Keef never gave up on him once he was ready to rap Keef had open arms.

JusGlo revealed in a song that Chief Keef gave him his rap name, "I asked Keef why JusGlo he said I JusGlo." During the first 5 minutes of the interview JusGlo was on blunt 3, At the time of the interview his friend and rap mate was shot and killed by the Chicago police after running from the police while having a gun in his hand while running. The conversation wasn't easy to talk about, he says the police is killing armed suspects at a high rate in the inner city.

JusGlo mention new projects coming soon, he plans on dropping two tapes back to back, starting with his upcoming EP "Justglo The Blood Gang Cappa's." On JusGlo latest mixtape he had a feature with 21 Savage, the two has been in communication since he dropped first project "Slaughter Gang."

During the interview I asked about his cousin Blood Money, he really didn't get into the conversation about Blood Money, saying losing his cousin was crazy.

After smoking three blunts, Glo memory was far gone, the rapper had to think back to how he met Lil Flash, a member of Glo Gang that he meet during their stay in the north side suburbs.

Jusglo feelings on the Chicago's music movement was surprising, he feels positive about Chicago's music market, he also, thinks because of blood shed it hurt the city, and will continue happen. Yo.u can watch the full JusGlo interview by Shibuya Tyson below

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