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Rioh B Featuring Smooth Kid Dino "Lord"

Chicago rappers Rioh B, and Smooth Kid Dino hooked up for a their new single "Lord." The chant of "move these haters out the way," give you the feeling of a Chicago native who wants to live in peace in a city full of hate. Both rappers give there point of view being from Chicago, chasing their goals, and trying to stay out the way of people who don't have any love for them.

The song "Lord" isn't just a song about haters, many Chicagoan's are going through the same emotions. The song is titled Lord symbolizing a prayer, lyrics like "to many murders where i stay" explain the harsh reality living in the inner city neighborhood. In 2012 Chicago murder totals was higher than the war in Iraq, which led to the nick named Chiraq.

Listen to Rioh B featuring Smooth Kid Dino "Lord"

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