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White Lyfe x Mack 11 Talks About Their "White Christmas" Songs, Working With Chicago Video

White Nation Ent took time out before their concert to talk with Shibuya Tyson, I asked by rappers about there solo song on their joint project "White Christmas" that included 6 songs. White Lyfe song was titled talked "Mayweather," he says the concept of the song came from his attendance at the fight.

Mack 11 recently dropped the single to his solo song titled "Juice," produced by Cicero of 808Mafia. I ask Mack to bread down his lyrics "They say Mack acting funny, he about his business." Mack says he's been putting all his time and energy into his career and thinks people around him isn't the same, because he spend most of his time with friends who are about music.

Mack been attracting a lot of attention he got the attention of Soulja Boy with his single "Like Soulja." The young rapper explained how much he enjoys when new people picking up on his music just not celebrities.

While traveling the two meet Chicago video director Will Gates, they talked about networking in the future, now everything is history. Since meeting in Atlanta White Nation and Will Gates dropped over 5 music videos including Mack's video "Chicken Chicken" remix, shot in Memphis with Project Pat.

White Nation also talks about the Chicago music scene, producers not getting paid, traveling to different cities, and more. Watch Shibuya Tyson interview with White Nation below.

Watch White Nation Ent interview with Shibuya Tyson below

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