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Bump J "606 God"

Bump J hooked up with Chicago video legend DGainz for his latest video for his song "606 God," produced by Ill Brown. 606 is the zip code for the city of Chicago, he also reps 60649 zip code where he grew up at.

Bump J represents Chicago on his new song "606 God," rapping with the city skyline in the background. Bump J had a lot to say on the track, stating he was the first person in the city to rap opps, claiming Squad and he also feels he doesn't get enough credit. Bump.

Bump J new song shows his maturity, even Bump J noticed he changed, saying Chicago is our city, while his status puts him at the at the round table. Bump J is making a statement with this song, sounds like the veteran had some things to get off his chest.

Listen to Bump J's new single "606 God" below

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